Welcome Thanks to our extensive and long experience in the field, our reliable suppliers and a competent team, we have managed to consolidate our profile and satisfy the demands of our customers. Swiss Tropical Fruit Fresh Fruit Get to know our delicious variety of products, plantations, team of collaborators and all the infrastructure of our company. Frost Food Frozen Fruits Experts in frozen exotic fruits.
We offer frozen fruits with a long shelf life and maintaining all their fresh properties when defrosted.
Swiss Tropical Tourism Travel Agency Towering volcanoes, magnificent beaches, adventurous expeditions, fascinating wildlife, and wonderful people. Our team takes you on their tours to the most beautiful places that Central America has to offer. In honor of our late father Johann Dähler, Swiss Tropical supports the Clinique Mobile Foundation, located in Ivory Coast, the country where our pineapple production business began.

the pineapple family

We are an independent family company that has been in business since 1978.